About us

About us
Rose Caravane was founded with the intention of growth, community connection and creativity.  
It was first known for women's retreats and soul travels, wellness events and international journeys. 
When 2020 hit, the idea of Rose Caravane transmuted. A strong need for creating with our two hands and connecting with our community in new ways came like a jolt of electricity! A Renaissance was making its debut. 
While the collective female consciousness was, and still is, at the core of our work, we integrated various mediums to our visions. Designing and making jewelry became our new language. A way to rise each other's vibration through a wider extension. 
That's how our Boutique arose.
We believe in meaningful experiences and objects. We believe in creativity + consciousness. And more than ever, we believe in the power of THE collective.


If you have a question regarding our retreats, jewelry or philosophy of life, please get in contact with us!
We are always looking for inspiring womxn who are not afraid to travel from the inside out. If you wish to collaborate or co-create with Rose Caravane, email us at info@rosecaravane.com.