Nomadic events

Rose Caravane presents you a series of events throughout the year. From pop-up dinner to retreats, come engage with a group of amazing people.

Rose Caravane 2019 Season

Sunday August 04th 2019

1001 nights Feast

Into the Lush & Rose Caravane come together once again. This time, the Middle East is joining us for an intimate ambiance.
Savour our Pop Up experience among lanterns and mystical discussions. Our menu promesses to do justice to any Rumi fan. Poetry and decadent food on the way!

Sunday July 14th 2019

Con Gusto Feast

The Second edition of our Pop Up eatery will be on June 30th. Into The Lush & Rose Caravane’s intention to bring enlightened people around l’art de la table is still accurate*. If you’re a taco lover who craves deep conversations and unique social experiences, the Con Gusto Feast is calling you. Meet us under the moonlight to immerse yourself in decadence and delight.

Saturday July 06th 2019

WEEK-END Salty Souls x Rose Caravane

Le spirit de Salty Souls et Rose Caravane se réunit dans la jungle de béton. À force de chasser les vagues à travers le globe et les cérémonies aux quatre coins du monde, nous ne sommes pas souvent à Montréal. […]

Sunday May 26th 2019

Ohana Feast

Into the Lush & Rose Caravane are bringing the Pop Up Feasts to their yards. Created to bring like-minded people around l’art de la table, our first pop up dinner infuses the tropics of Hawaii and the holistic touch of our chef Valérie. If you’re in search of unique & authentic experience, join us under a warm candlelit atmosphere where culture & abundance flow. We want your brain, we want your spirt.