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We understand it’s not always easy to drop everything and plan a trip, an event, a retreat or a relaxing evening that isn’t the same old dinner and a movie- so let us take care of the details.

We offer several services that can take the stress out of planning your next vacation, dinner, date, fashion show or wellness gathering. From art direction, to branding and marketing, we swim in a world of CREATION.

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Let the “EMPOWER YOUR CREATIVITY” retreat take you through a sensory getaway to a place where creativity, wellness and entrepreneurship are nourished.

If you are in search of that extra spark, join us to renew all your senses with creative writing, soul play, yoga and wild adventures.



Creative & Art direction

Art & creative direction is at the core of our portfolio.
From events to menus design and unique brand identity, we make sure to come up with a strategy, a concept or an idea that fits your need.

Tailor made itinerary

Love traveling but you have no time to do research or plan your itinerary? Or maybe you want to immerse yourself in unique and unexpected experiences... We’ve got your back!

Traveling has been a major part of our life for over 10 years and our list of “must sees“ is full of great recommendations you won't find anywhere else. If you are interested in taking a journey off the beaten path, guided by references from the locals, we offer three different options of tailored-made itineraries that fit your budget and lifestyle.

If you wish to embrace your next adventure like a traveler, not a tourist, send us an email to get more details!

(*tailored made itinerary starts at 200$ USD.)