Our Vision

Rose Caravane is a guide to unique experiences & getaways. 

With idyllic spaces and devoted teachers, artists, entrepreneurs & healers, our journeys meet somewhere between an artist residence and a retreat.


Each event and city guide is crafted from extensive research and soulful meditation. Similar to curating an art exhibit, we carefully choose a feeling or concept we wish to evoke. Then, we diligently select our teachers – our badass queens! – to best illuminate and elevate that vision.

From the inspiring destinations, to the gifted facilitators and healing spaces, we make sure to offer you a unique & professionally curated experience. 

We firmly believe in creativity + consciousness in wild immersions.

We believe in elevating each other up and celebrating the simple pleasure of life! 

Rose Caravane is a community of unapologetic women who travel the world questioning the norm. 

If you are in search for an extra spark, you are at the right place !