• Blazing Brunch I
  • Category: CollabsEvents
  • Date: August 6, 2018

Blazing Brunch I

By A

BLAZING brunches are all about building a community promoted by word of mouth. Our locations are temporary and mobile.
Call it an underground pop-up dinner scene or a nomadic happening, Blazing Brunches focus on intimate culinary experiences, live performances & feel-good ambiance.

∆ WHAT’S on the itinerary ∆ ::
+ Welcoming feel-good elixirs
+ Slow elevating flow by Nina Yoga
+ Plant based brunch by Valérie Boulet
+ Consciousness Shifting Herbs + Sacred Geometry to Craft An Awakened Life Purpose followed by a Crystal quartz sound meditation by Kimiko Tao Fujimoto
+ Live music

∆ WHERE ∆ ::
Location will be given day before event
Please include your phone number to receive the pin drop on the morning of.

Below – a taste of our last event…