• Empower your Creativity I
  • Category: Events
  • Date: April 29, 2017

Empower your Creativity I

By Andy Dubois

Let the “EMPOWER YOUR CREATIVITY” take you through a sensory getaway where creativity, wellness and entrepreneurship are nourished.

Tap into the mystic and holistic history of rituals as we make sure to revitalize your body, mind & spirit.

If you are in search of that extra spark, join us to renew all your senses with creative writing, soul play, yoga and adventures.



Sofia Sokoloff, founder and owner of Sokoloff Lingerie, has created a label that is, at once, delicate, confident and comfortable while utilizing an ethical production model. Her lingerie focuses on promoting a natural look to enhance curves and encourage body positivity. Over the course of the retreat, Sofia will offer different workshops. Learn the art of entrepreneurship by exploring social media strategies, the fundamental rules of a good business plan, the challenges of being an entrepreneur and the ins and outs of the fashion industry. She will be sure to inspire creativity with new tools and ideas for you to take home.


Reconnect with your inner light and explore the depth of your soul with Natasha Nina. Teacher at Griffintown Moksha and Luna Studio in Montreal, this pearl knows how to spread good vibes all around her. Her teaching is mainly inspired by the jivamukti style, getting you high on life through chanting, movements and meditation. Nina will guide your practice each morning & night. Come find your own symphony of peace in flow of creativity.


Passionate about travel and fusing international flavours, our master chef will nourish your body and mind with her artsy concoctions made from scratch. Whether you are a seafood lover or a vegetarian, Chloe will seduce your taste buds. Her creations are unique, fresh and healthy.


Free spirit by nature, Andy lets her emotions take the lead. When she travels, she loves to flirt with the rhythm of the ocean, practice yin yoga and enjoy sensory experiences. During the retreat, she will share her wildest tips and secrets learned over years of travel to help you create off-the-beaten-path experiences. Be ready to learn about the vagabond lifestyle and her personal project : Rose Caravane.