• Empower Your Creativity III
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  • Date: April 23, 2019

Empower Your Creativity III

By Andy Dubois

EMPOWER YOUR CREATIVITY III retreat was all about connecting to the backbone of women’s liberation.

Through a sensory getaway where creativity, wellness & entrepreneurship were nourished, we raised each other up!

This third edition was very special and extremely powerful.

Rose Caravane is profoundly grateful for all the facilitators & guests who answered the call.

Together, we did create a sacred space where sisterhood, slowpreneur, music & activism took form.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.





Women stories with Cassandre

Get to know the gentle journey of Cassandre, founder of Tente Rouge. As you discover the many women who inspired her to build her sisterhood podcast, you will also get a glimpse into their very unique & moving testimonies. Let their tales empower your inner entrepreneurship-self. Open your heart and ride the complex waves of a deep feminine liberation.



Mystical rituals with Vanessa DL

Connect with your sisters in a journey of rituals. The modern witch, Vanessa DL, offers you two workshops: TOGETHER WE RISE, a 90 mins ceremony built around the sacred feminine activism + YIN & YONI, a 60 mins yoga class that deepens your connection to the sacred Self


Music for the soul with Mimo

Embrace the soul sound journey of Mimo Magri- a powerful woman trained in music, acting and dance-theater. Lucky enough, you’ll get to enjoy a morning music sesh’ with Mimo during the retreat.

Let’s get groovy!



Power of breathing with Gabby Mather

Slow down, tune into your deepest self and reconnect with your soul’s desires with Gabby’ gentle guidance. As you travel inwards and discover the power of the breath, you will experience a profound realignment with your mind, body and spirit. Conscious breathing is one of our species’ most powerful tools. It can be quite therapeutic.

Be ready to dive into a transformational journey of enlightenment.





Visuals by Bianca Desjardins