• Half Warrior Goddess + Half Luxury
  • Category: Events
  • Date: September 29, 2018

Half Warrior Goddess + Half Luxury

By Andy Dubois

Our Moon Mountain event quickly transformed into an Half Warrior Goddess + Half Luxury gathering 

When the rain and wind ushered moon warriors inside… we cozied up by candle fire and burned away what didn’t serve us and chanted to Kali all through the night.

Om Namo Kali

“As Kali danced in her splendour, 27 women gather around a tree on a diverted path, to drink from the well of their hearts, craft moon water, and forage the fields for offerings. They circled around the F.I.R.E at Temple Mile End for a Medicine wheel puja. Burning away what no longer serves.

They bravely jumped into Kali Ma’s arms chanting + writing + visioning + calling out to the primordial Mother, the black one, the space that holds the  stars. She holds you too, the star that you are, even all the parts you’ve rejected. What would you do if you were an untameable force of nature? Honour your shadows for they push you towards greatest.

Get wild, you never know what the goddess will awaken in you”

– Kimiko Fujimoto, creator of Temple Mile End

Visual by :: Valerie Boulet