• Moët City – the famous champagne house Capital !
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  • Date: July 17, 2018

Moët City – the famous champagne house Capital !

By A

//Are you ready for a change?

Moët City is a place unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. The fantastical city comes alive for a day with different neighbourhoods animated by the many labels of the famous champagne house.

A beachy day party, gourmet brunch, rebellious DJs and avant-garde artists, Imperial princesses…

Definitely the coolest thing happening this Grand Prix. But what’s a city without it’s citizens? Think you got what it takes to make it in the Big City?

Don’t miss your chance at life in the Capital!//

Life’s better on ice! This rich vintage is perfectly suited to easy living and summer vibes. Friendly and fun-loving celebrants gather together to toast the finer things in life, raising their glasses and letting loose. Luxurious but never pretentious, Ice is always ready party

The colorful beating heart of Moët, Rosé is audacious and rebellious. This young spirit helps bring a refreshing splash of colour to the city, and it’s here you’ll find the artists and iconoclasts, the rebels and the strange creatures. Always fresh, always fun, and perfectly pink.

The gold standard of the house, Brut Impérial has been the world’s premiere champagne since the Louis Kings drank it at Versailles. Here elegant ladies and flawless gentleman pass the night in style. Grand, opulent and refined. A dream in gold and the perfect finale to your #MoetGrandDay

// Art direction by Andy Dubois 

// Costumes & performances by THE ROYALS 

// Text by Mackenzie Perrita

// Photography by Jade Wulfraat

// Event curated by A5 Hospitality & Nic Urli