• Yelloween 2018
  • Category: Events
  • Date: November 1, 2018

Yelloween 2018

By Andy Dubois

– Yelloween: Halloween the Veuve Clicquot way –

Veuve Clicquot own the nightlife every year. Last October, the Auberge St-Gabriel was converted in a haunted manor with a creepy atmosphere. The decoration was inspired by the old cabinet of curiosities, while the dresscode was a homage to the dandies of 1920’s.

As the night got darker, the guests entered a true blackout experience haunted by two Clicquot ghosts.

Along the dark dungeons of la Maison Veuve, you could hear the echo of an old story…

Feel your way through the winding tunnels and secret passageways of the oldest bar Haunted House in Montreal. Hone your senses as information comes at you in mysterious ways. Dance like a freak knowing nobody’s watching. Wear something you wouldn’t dare in the daylight. Go blindly and let the music lead you. Open yourself up to new possibilities—who knows what could happen in the blackness.

WARNING: Be prepared. Not for the faint of heart.

– Mackenzie Perrita

// Art direction and costumes by Andy Dubois 

// Photographies by Romain

// Event curated by A5 Hospitality & Nic Urli