• State: California
  • Category: Play
  • Date: December 6, 2017


By Andy Dubois

Welcome to the pastel landscape of Salvation Mountain.

King of Instagram, the Salvation Mountain became a very trendy place where the essence of the monument has lost it’s meaning over the last several decades.

Built by Leonard Knight, the artwork of Salvation Mountain is initially made from adobe clay, straw and donated paint. The artist describes the project as a mission. According to him, he had a revelation in 1967 where “he accepted Jesus into his heart and he hasn’t been the same since.” The Salvation Mountain is a mirror of his devotion to God—a true labor of love.

Whether you are religious or not, the mountain remains a stunning work of art. The bright and uplifting colors put a smile on your face, leaving you in touch with your inner child spirit.

On a personal note, we were sad to find out the Salvation Mountain had lost a part of its sacred identity. The colorful monument used to be a refuge of devotion where people would come pray, explore or simply let themselves be part of something bigger than them. Now, the dome that used to display spiritual gifts from travellers and vagabonds is nearly empty and the mountain is filled with selfie sticks.

On that note, we encourage you to go back to the roots of Salvation Mountain’s début: a tribute to God – or to any divine power that moves you.

Sit on top of the mountain and let the space fill you with inspiration. Take pictures but remember to put your camera//phone on the side to create moments you will only remember with your eyes.

WE RECOMMEND :: Bring a tarot deck and make yourself a reading in the dome.