• State: California
  • Category: Play
  • Date: November 29, 2017

ELIPHANTE VILLAGE, a fairy tale for adults

By Andy Dubois

Trying to describe Eliphante village is like trying to explain what love is. You must experience it to know the deepness of it’s dreamland.

Built by a hippie couple in the late 1970’s, Eliphante village is an isolated land that feature third dimensions cavern-like sculptures. Each monument has its own identity, from the outdoor kitchen to the kaleidoscopic Hippodome and Pipedreams art gallery.

Each grotto is a LSD-looking piece of work. The patterns of colored light shimmering and moving on the ceilings & floors gives each structure a psychedelic look.

Expect to be high on life, Eliphante is by far the most magical and mesmerizing experience of Arizona.

Unfortunately, the village has been closed to public due to financial restrains. If you wish to visit this unique place, we encourage you to apply as a volunteer and help the community. You can apply on the official Eliphante Website HERE.

*** Special thank you to Traacy & David for making a teenage dream come true. You guys were real magic. Miss you both dearly < 3

WE RECOMMEND :: Airplane mode your phone, wander the village on your own and read for hours in the Hippodome.