• State: California
  • Category: Play
  • Date: October 2, 2017

THE HANGMAN CO. :: Tarot & flowers

By Andy Dubois

If Peter Pan had married a florist, their son would have been Matthew Drewry Baker, the artist behind the tarot den and floral atelier called the Hanged Man Co.

We found Matthew’s business via the gram’. His rococo-floral aesthetic really caught our eye while his magical objects and ephemera got us more curious about his work. When we dropped into his wonderland, we found the place had a 1960’s San Francisco vibe mixed with a Victorian touch.

The environment was so peaceful and comforting. Being surrounded by so much greenery and living decoration definitely added a magic touch to our palm readings.

ADDRESS :: 644 40th Street Unit #109, Oakland CA 94609

TRY :: Use the password “Magic Inside” at any of the street side shopfronts to enter- or buzz the Hanged Man Co. in the Annex directory