• State: California
  • Category: On a budget
  • Date: December 6, 2017

NOAH PURIFOY :: Outdoor Desert Museum in Joshua Tree

By Andy Dubois

Joshua Tree is known as a metaphysical town where psychedelic enlightenments are frequent.

The town was a creative refuge for 1970s artists, and to this day it is a place of vivid imagination. Evidence of the arts are everywhere in Joshua Tree. The Noah Puifoy was designed in the desert, past all the houses and down a dirt road. The concept is simple—it displays a host of donated outdoor sculptures, such as old TVs, toilets, bike parts, chairs and various furniture most would consider junk.

The beauty of this surrealist landscape resides in the concept of “ephemera”—art pieces taking space under the intense sun of Mojave Desert. Each piece of art is celebrated in its exposure to the varied conditions of the no man’s land.

Personally, the Noah Purifoy filled me with a sense of wonder. I loved how the “museum” redefined my perception of abandoned objects.

Ptsss: it’s free !

WE RECOMMEND : Go at dawn. The results are unexpected. It will make you wander.
Address :: 62975 Blair Ln, Joshua Tree, CA (two-hour drive from L.A.)