Hawaii is a special place to us since the culture have a strong connection with their natural surroundings. The Hawaiian see themselves in everything . They believe the earth, the sky and the sea are theirs to care for, to cherish and to protect. This is their Aloha, their beautiful heritage.

→ What to visit when you are in Hawaii:

Wave watching meditation at Secret Beach - September, 2017

Looking for a day to unwind or reset from all you Hawaiian hiking trips? The Secret Beach is a good option to go roast your coconuts. Weather you are bashful about nudity or not, this place is secluded enough that […]

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Chant, move and dance at Bhakti Yoga Shack - February, 2017

Find peace and faith at the Bhakti Yoga Shack’s Sunday get together. The mini retreat starts at 4PM and finishes around 8PM. The spiritual journey includes asana, chanting with live music, a meditation circle, a vegan pot-luck dinner and an […]

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Conscious travel:: swim with turtles -

If you are looking to leave a small footprint and want to go for a humane swim with the turtles, the key is to not touch or ride them. Hawaiian green turtles are federally protected. They are fragile creatures who […]

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Paia:: the modern hippy community of Maui -

Paia is our city crush of Hawaii. Filled with quiet beaches, a laid-back vibe, and local boutiques, the small village serves as a modern hippy community. Known for its inventive feel, the small town is perfect for the surfers and […]

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Road to Hana must-see :: Red Beach - February, 2017

If you are looking for a kick-ass beach, The Red Beach will get your heart pounding. The path to get there is wild, so wear good shoes for hiking. The waves crashing on the cliffs are hypnotic and the multiple panoramic […]

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Spiritual quest at Sacred Garden -

Hawaii is known to be expensive, but there’s always a way to find free activities that aren’t boring. One of my favourites is the Sacred Garden run by the Divine Nature Alliance, a non-profit organization. You can visit the grounding […]

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Be a mermaid at Queen’s Bath - February, 2017

If you saw the viral YouTube video of the three guys swimming their death to Queen’s Bath, remember that this magical tidal pool can be extremely peaceful and safe if you avoid high tide. Depending of the time of the year […]

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High on Haleakala -

I like to think of Haleakala as “the mountain of forgotten dreams” since the hike is pure magic. It is truly one of Mother Earth’s jewels and will remind you why you love to explore. If you are looking to […]

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