• State: Hawaii
  • Category: Play
  • Date: February 7, 2017

Be a mermaid at Queen’s Bath

By Andy Dubois

If you saw the viral YouTube video of the three guys swimming their death to Queen’s Bath, remember that this magical tidal pool can be extremely peaceful and safe if you avoid high tide. Depending of the time of the year the waves can be quite intense so use caution and pay attention to the local kids cooling off in the Bath.

Enjoy the sparkling blue water surrounded by huge rocks. The sunset can be very romantic and almost too good to be true- just make sure you bring a flashlight to find your way back since it’s a short but adventurous hike to get there.

This activity will match well with your “forever young” theme song and a Corona.

We recommend :: Since the bath can be quite busy, we like to avoid the weekends.

How to get there :: Hidden within Princeville on the North Shore, you will find a jungle-alike trail. If it rained before, it might be muddy. Remove your fancy sandals and get in there, it’s worth the view.