• State: Hawaii
  • Category: Play
  • Date: February 13, 2017

Conscious travel:: swim with turtles

By Andy Dubois

If you are looking to leave a small footprint and want to go for a humane swim with the turtles, the key is to not touch or ride them. Hawaiian green turtles are federally protected. They are fragile creatures who need space around them to spread their flippers. The turtles, also called Honu, can get up to 300 pounds!

Side story :: After cliff jumping from the Black Rock, Giancarlo started swimming back to shore when he saw a huge creature swimming toward him. He says it was one of the scariest moments in his life, until he realized the shadow moving through the waves wasn’t a shark but a huge-ass turtle!

How to get there :: You can swim with turtles at the Black Rock, the 5 caves, Honokeana Cove or Wailea Point

Photo by John Schelling