• State: India
  • Category: Play
  • Date: July 6, 2017

Best view of Jodhpur :: the StepWell Cafe   

By Andy Dubois

In the middle of Jodhpur’s ancient streets stands a modern cafe with a view over the beautifully restored Toorji Ka Jhalara stepwell.
Hidden in an alley, the StepWell Cafe feels like you’ve just discovered a secret hideout. As you enter the minimalist space, your eyes are automatically drawn to the view. The stepwell, built in 1740, is breathtaking.

Grab a table and browse a menu to discover the story behind this mind-blowingarchitectural wonder. You’ll learn that the stepwell used to be a source of drinking water, but also a place for gathering and bathing, meditation and prayers. Now, the place is filled with young local boys going for a refreshing swim.

We recommend :: Bring your bathing suit if you feel adventurous and join the locals for a quick dip.

Try :: Their Rose lemonade

photos by @Drowster