• State: India
  • Category: Play
  • Date: June 15, 2017

A prescription for Serenity :: boat ride on the Ganges

By Andy Dubois

If you wish to visit the more serene side of Varanasi, we recommend getting up before sunrise. As you make your way to the Ganges, you might want to soak up the peace of the morning prayers. While each ghat is vividly alive, the breeze that accompanies the sunrise is calm and quite.

As the sky turns pink, prepare yourself to bargain for your boat ride. Each sailor will try to get the best of you… Once you’ve found your captain, get onboard and let the soft light and holy water rock you. Make time for awareness and be present in the moment as you will be tempted to try and capture everything with your camera.

So go ahead and enjoy it before the city returns to chaos.

We recommend :: If you take part in the lotus flower ritual, check if the offering is made of eco friendly materials. Unfortunately, we only realized our lotus was on a paper plate after looking back at our pictures… THINK GREEN !

 portrait by @Drowster