• State: India
  • Category: Eat & Drink
  • Date: July 8, 2017

Thali madness at Gypsy Dining Hall, Jodhpur 

By Andy Dubois

Gypsy Dining Hall was by far our most outstanding experience in Jodhpur. If you are a traveling foodie, you’ll dig their energetic atmosphere. While the first floor offers a modern fast food concept, the second floor features ethnic thali served in the traditional style. 
Packed with tourists and locals alike, Gypsy is Jodhpur’s temple for those who let their tastebuds lead the way. Everything in this restaurant is well thought out to insure you’ll be comfortable, from the AC to the quality of the food, the hygiene, the customer service. The friendly staff are constantly using hand gestures to communicate with one another to make sure you’re well served. Each dish has its own gesture so when you order a second plate, the waiter quietly notifies the kitchen. Such a creative way to serve!
We recommend :: Be ready to feast, it’s all you can eat!
Try :: Eat with your hands. That’s how Indians eat their thali. Mix the curries and the rice together and keep the curd yoghurt for the end- it will cool your palate and aid with digestion.