New York City

There is something about New York… every corner offers a certain beauty, even through the grime.

People have hope in their eyes, big dreams in their minds and a vision of what can be possible

This place is like no other

→ What to visit when you are in New York City:

Burlesque, erotica and circus at The Box - December, 2016

Just to be clear, The Box is not for everyone.  It’s a once-in-a lifetime kind of experience that combines erotica, loud music, and burlesque at an insane price. The show begins at 1 AM. Every 45 minutes you’re treated to another performance.  As […]

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Hangover brunch at Five Leaves - November, 2016

New York City is full of cute spots that focus more on style than substance. The first time I brought Giancarlo to Five Leaves, he thought “Oh god, another “hot” spot for cool people”… Well, he wasn’t wrong since half […]

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Smorgasburg : an outdoor foodie market -

Every Saturday, you can stuff yourself at the Smorgasburg buzzy seasonal outdoor foodie market. If you miss Saturday, you can always come back on Sunday for Brooklyn Flea Market- a couple of food trucks will stick around for the weekend. […]

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Taste of caribbean at Miss Lily’s 7A -

Reggae, jerk chicken and island-inspired cocktails. Personally, I would go just for the ambiance and the crowd. This Caribbean restaurant has a vibe like no other. We recommend it if your in the mood to party. The energy is high […]

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Taco & beer at Union Pool - November, 2016

If you are in the mood for tacos and beer, Union Pool is a good spot to hang with a group. The tacos are served from a little Mexican food truck in the backyard. The prices are reasonable for Williamsburg and […]

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Gallow Green: a secret garden lost in time -

While their menu is overpriced, Gallow Green is worth the price of admission to see this 19th-century inspired rooftop terrace. The green-garden vibe will remind you of an extravagant wedding or Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet in Versailles. It has a hint of […]

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Oasis of serenity at Nina’s loft - November, 2016

Nina’s loft is a unique space that brings comfort and peace in the busy Williamsburg area. Few are the places that feel like home, but this hidden gem certainly does. There is something about the light flirting with the plants, […]

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Immersive theatre with Sleep No More - November, 2016

When I think of experiences unique to New York, Sleep No More comes to mind. I would recommend this immersive theatre to ANYONE. Whether you’re 22 years old and Instafamous or a 48 year old skinhead, this show will blow […]

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Sketchbook Museum -

The Sketchbook Museum is the perfect break from “the city that never sleeps”. The project is home to over 35 000 sketchbooks created by artists from all over the globe. You can browse their unique catalogue system using keywords to […]

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Cafe Mogador : a Middle East gem -

Middle East inspired, Magador Café is truly a gem of Brooklyn. No matter what time of the day you go, you’ll love it! The deco is delectable, with a greenhouse in the back and a cosy atmosphere. Every meal is flecked with […]

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Get weird at House of YES ! -

If you are looking for live entertainment and something off the beaten path, House of Yes is the place to go. The less you know about the place, the better your night will be. Let the venue surprise you with their […]

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Maison Première: Absinthe & oysters -

  Maison Premiere has a late 19th century French atmosphere that will make you want to fall in love (or fall in the Absinthe). Whether you go home alone or with La Fée Verte, you won’t be disappointed by the […]

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Roberta’s pizza : a classic of Brooklyn - November, 2016

If you’re wondering how Roberta’s can possibly live up to the hype, you don’t need to worry. The ingredients are market fresh and this Michelin Star rated pizzeria is still tops in Brooklyn. Be prepared to wait, the place is always […]

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