• State: New York City
  • Category: Eat & Drink
  • Date: November 15, 2016

Hangover brunch at Five Leaves

By Andy Dubois

New York City is full of cute spots that focus more on style than substance. The first time I brought Giancarlo to Five Leaves, he thought “Oh god, another “hot” spot for cool people”… Well, he wasn’t wrong since half of the restaurant looked like they could have been friends with Natalie Portman, but the food was absolutely amazing! The Maritime inspired theme is neat and their brunch game is on point.

We recommend :: Hangover brunch after a long night partying in Brooklyn.

Try :: The ricotta pancakes- Gian’s favourite, and the grapefruit brulée- Andy’s must.

Address:: 18 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY (Greenpoint)


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photos by Five Leaves & Gina Herold