• State: New York City
  • Category: Eat & Drink
  • Date: November 10, 2016

Roberta’s pizza : a classic of Brooklyn

By Andy Dubois

If you’re wondering how Roberta’s can possibly live up to the hype, you don’t need to worry. The ingredients are market fresh and this Michelin Star rated pizzeria is still tops in Brooklyn.

Be prepared to wait, the place is always busy. We went for bar hopping while we waited for them to call us for our table. Pine Box Rock Shop kept us refreshed with some cold beers and even offered a few vegan friendly snacks to hold us over.

If you’re hangry, Roberta’s is not your spot, but we can vouch that it’s worth the wait!

Try :: The eggplant pizza (also called the “penis” pizza- look at their menu and you will understand)

We recommend :: If you are single, the backyard is full of babes ! Sneak a peek or find a date if you are lucky.

Address :: 261 Moore St., Brooklyn, NY (East Williamsburg)


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photos by @Bianca Des Jardins